Invisible Cities

China 2014

China is the fastest developing country in the world. With an official population of around 1.3 billion and an unofficial population of up to 1.8 billion, it's safe to say it also has the world's largest population. We constantly hear about Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong which have populations of 28, 20, and 7 million people respectively, but we hardly ever hear about the other 657 Chinese cities, 160 of which are booming with over 1 million residents. Cities are cropping up all over China, and with the government's emphasis on development, the speed of modernization is accelerated.

This series examines just a few of those cities that no one hears about. Many of them are in extremely rural areas; you may be driving through rural China only to happen upon a small city with large high-rise apartment buildings sprawling 30 stories high, sometimes abandoned. The raw push for development is evident all over China, but particularly in these cities where construction, dump trucks, cranes, etc. are ubiquitous.